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The cut actually pertains to both the shape of the diamond and to the make (how well a diamond was fashioned to good proportions and polish). Shapes include round, marquise, princess, radiant, pear, oval, emerald, and heart, and a few rare shapes. The Make includes details such as table percentage, depth percentage, polish, and symmetry, among others. Learn more about cut, shape and make.


The color of diamonds varies from colorless (highest quality) to many shades of yellow (less rare). Some people ignore the "popular" trend toward the colorless and prefer the warmth of light yellow tints. Learn more about color.


Diamonds are a natural substance, and no two diamonds are exactly alike. Nature signs each of its creations with telltale inclusions, or internal flaws. A diamond with more inclusions will be less rare, so it will be less expensive. But this does not necessarily mean it will be less beautiful to the naked eye. Learn more about clarity.


Weight The weight of diamonds is measured in carats. Larger diamonds are much more rare, so a 2-carat gem will be worth significantly more than 2 diamonds of the same quality weighing 1 carat each. Learn more about carat weight.