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Manufacturing facility

Since over 4 decades back, when the company’s founders came into this business, they had a vision to one day establish a diamond cutting and polishing factory that would offer employees working conditions at par with the best in the world.


Beginning to follow up on this in around the late 90’s, in June 2002, our manufacturing operations shifted to the largest at the time, and most technically advanced diamond manufacturing unit in the country. Built in Surat, at a cost of around US $ 12 Million, millions more have been invested since then, in continual upgrades of the highly intricate and sophisticated IT enabled manufacturing set-up therein.


Considerable thought has carefully been given when planning the building, and as far as possible, such materials have been used that risks of fire or any other such accidents are minimized. Although Surat is not in an immediate fault zone, yet detailed seismic studies, and topography analysis have been done to advance plan against such natural disasters as floods, earthquakes etc.

Use of electric equipment is regulated appropriately so as to maintain power factor unity thereby considerably saving energy losses, and contributing to environmental consciousness as well as doing our bit for conservation of natural resources.